Private Parties

You can schedule a private party for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, team-building for the office, a fundraiser, or just an outing for your group of friends!

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Here is some information on Private Events and Public/Private Fundraisers:

  • Our large room can accommodate 48 painters, and our small room, 18.
  • We can have 2 events going on at the same time, which means 2 morning, two afternoon, and 2 evening events. If you only see one scheduled on our calendar, we can schedule your party! However, we can’t guarantee the availability of the large room; it is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Please refer to our calendar to see which dates are available for your private event or public/private fundraiser. (Any space on the calendar that says “Book Your Party Now” is an open time for you to submit your event.)
  • You will have 2 and half hours for your private event.
  • Private parties can be scheduled on any morning or afternoon of the week, Sunday-Saturday,  or evenings on Monday – Saturday. We are no longer booking events on Sunday evenings so that our staff can spend time with their families. There is a minimum of 5 people for this. Afternoon parties can begin no later than 2:30, and must end by 5:00 when we have an evening session scheduled.
  • The cost is from $35 per person for a private party, depending upon the painting choice.
  • We require a refundable $100 deposit to reserve a date for a private event.
  • Private Parties can not be booked with less than 2 weeks advance notice.
  • We can do parties on Sundays! However, our liquor permit only allows for beer sales on Sunday, not wine or liquor.
  • You get to pick the painting if you are the event organizer!
  • We have a bar with wine and beer for purchase! BYOB is not permitted, thank you for understanding. Wine is $5 a glass and $16 a bottle, and beer is $3 or $3.50 depending on the beer.
  • You can bring any food you would like, and we have plenty of tables to accomodate this. You can also carry in non-alcoholic drinks.
  • You can arrive a half an hour early to set up food or decorate for a private event.
  • Kids parties can be scheduled in the afternoons, and last 2 hours. The cost is $25 per painter for a 16×20 canvas. We have several kid paintings to choose from, or you can choose any simple painting from our gallery. We do not recommend painting parties for those 8 and younger.
  • Kids parties can be scheduled in the evenings if you prefer, but the rate will be the regular $35/painter as an adult party would be.
  • We can do teambuilding events any time of the day! Afternoons are popular for these, but we can do evenings if your group prefers.

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