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Shark!!! – Shark Week Family Day – only $20! – 1PM

Shark!!! – Shark Week Family Day – only $20! – 7/28/19 – 1PM

Project Details:

Join us for our Shark Week SPECIAL, Shark!!! Everyone out of the water and into the studio for a super-fun painting! Looking a bit vicious as he rears his head from the ocean depths, our shark will be sure to “mako” an exciting time painting great summer memories!

*Recommended for ages 6+. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Raise Your Brush Accepts:

Payment is required upon registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Though we cannot accept discount coupon codes or third party certificates since you’re already getting a great deal, we WILL accept PAINT PASSES & SEAT SAVERS. Thank you for your understanding.

$ 35.00 $ 20.00

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