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Flyered Up! – 12/28/18 – 7PM

$ 35.00

Project Details:

All are welcome as we honor the PRIDE of DAYTON – Let’s get Flyered Up!!! UD Flyered UP!

We’re rockin’ it at UD Arena with the Red Scare, other teams beware, ’cause we’re Flyered Up!

This school, yeah UD has a whole lot of community.

This place is something neat, yeah something sweet, better than Disney!

Memories, friendships that will never ever fade.

Red and blue should be the colors for you,

‘Cause that’s how Flyers are made!

UD. Flyered up. UD, Flyered up. UD. Flyered up. UD, Flyered up.

Raise Your Brush Accepts:

Payment is required upon registration.

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