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Deborah’s Birthday – 6:30PM

Deborah’s Birthday – 9/24/19 – 6:30PM

Project Details:

Deborah’s Birthday Party – Private Event. We will be painting Tall Trees, a RAISE your BRUSH favorite!

The majesty of these beauties, Tall Trees, is spectacular! Imagine the impact of this two canvas painting, side-by-side, displayed on a wall in your home. They will be the focal point of the room!

Paint in any colors that you’d like, two separate canvases that, when displayed side-by-side, make one complete image, or you may also paint the complete scene on one canvas if you prefer.

Raise Your Brush Accepts:

Payment is required upon registration.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept Paint Passes, Seat Savers, coupons, or third party certificates since this is a private party. Thank you for your understanding.

$ 35.00

18 in stock